Sustainable Building

All new homes in Victoria must comply with the 6 Star Standard. This means it is compulsory for new houses, alterations and relocations of existing homes to have a 6 Star energy rating for the building fabric, plus a rainwater tank for toilet flushing or a solar hot water system.

The Kingston Garden Starter $3,000 BONUS can be used to put towards Sustainable Design measures including rainwater tanks, pumps, and sustainable landscaping features.


Building a home using good design principles can save energy, water and money, while creating a more enjoyable and comfortable home.

West Elevation

The cost of implementing good design ranges from a net saving through to a significant up-front investment that will be repaid throughout the life of the home and increase its value in the future.

Everybody benefits from good home design. Occupants from all walks of life now enjoy lower energy bills and improved comfort thanks to good design features. Everybody on the planet will benefit from reduced greenhouse gas emissions and better use of limited resources.

House performance varies across a spectrum, from very good to very bad. Incorporating any element of sustainable building practice will make a difference. Simply specifying the optimal eave widths on a project home or renovation may prevent unwanted sunshine overheating your home in summer. This step on its own will improve your thermal comfort and reduce your energy bills. All home design includes compromises, but try to do what you can to incorporate good design features.

Good design in many cases can cost less than bad design. Good design is nothing new, extra or onerous. Good design is largely about the intelligent use of space and materials. The greatest gains are made in planning and orienting the home appropriately and working with the climate and existing landscape.

While efficient products sometimes cost more, most are comparable in cost with standard items of similar quality. They also have lower running costs. Most efficient products are also premium products in terms of features and warranty. In many instances, the most efficient products are not necessarily the most expensive. For example, efficient space heaters which heat only the rooms in use are often a cheaper option than central heating which heats the whole house. An energy efficient house will similarly reduce the size of the heating and cooling systems required.