Stage 1 – Sold Out

Fresh coastal air, beaches that seem to go on forever, gentle rolling pastures, vineyards changing colour seasonally….

Building a new home to match your dreams needs to be in an inspired location. Maybe it’s a lifestyle choice or a smart investment decision? Or ideally both. This is where Kingston Coast comes in, a new land release that offers all this, and so much more.



We quietly suggest you should get in early. Many have been waiting to take advantage of this new coastal connection – where the country meets the coast. Where smart buyers secure their position based on location, access, facilities, services. Others just love the adjoining rural aspect and the simple access to the ocean beaches. Or it’s the proximity to all the surrounding historic villages of the Bellarine Peninsula.

Whatever your reasoning, position yourself in this valuable part of Ocean Grove and enjoy all it has to offer. It will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.