Kingston Ocean Grove – Stage Update March 2020

Kingston Ocean Grove – Stage Update March 2020
Here’s what’s been happening in Kingston Ocean Grove & Kingston Coast

Coast Stage 1

All sewer and stormwater drainage is complete
Kerbing is complete
Water services & gas services installation is complete
Weather permitting, Electrical installation is set to commence shortly
Weather permitting, forecasted completion of construction end May 2020
Titles forecasted late 2nd Quarter

Coast Stage 2

Engineering plans are still with COGG & Barwon Water. We are actively following up on approvals, however, this is yet to be received.
Anticipated commence of construction works late April
Due to delays in plan approvals, forecasted construction completion is now 4th quarter 2020
Forecasted Titles 4th quarter 2020

“Parkside Bvd” Wetlands

Wetland shaping and topsoiling is complete
Some Wetland planting has commenced
Footpaths are underway and nearing completion
Weather permitting, forecasted completion early May 2020

“Splendour Walk” Wetlands

Targeted completion of civil earthworks clean-up, wetland shaping and topsoil in the 2nd quarter 2020
Weather permitting, general landscaping works to commence 2nd quarter 2020
Due to the sensitivity of the Wetland plant species, this will likely be completed during 4th quarter 2020 in warmer weather.