Kingston Coast Stage Update – February 2020

We hope you are all well & healthy as we head into what can only be described as uncertain times. Here at Kingston Ocean Grove we will continue to operate as normal and we are only a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns in relation to Kingston Ocean Grove & Kingston Coast.
We will continue to keep purchasers up to date on all the latest construction developments from stages to parklands via email & our websites.

Our latest update is now available & includes information on your stage as well as several wetlands throughout Kingston Ocean Grove.

Throughout the development of a stage we get asked some general questions that all purchasers will eventually want to ask, here are two of the most recent:

Can our bank get come out to do a valuation?
The answer to this at this stage is no. Generally a Valuer is required to stand on the physical lot of land they are providing the valuation for, at the moment your lot is still under construction. Not only are they not able to access your lot, but they are also unable to access the development overall due to the nature of the construction works. We will notify you via email once these can start to take place.

Can my builder go out & do a soil test?
Again, at this stage, no. For similar reasons to above. Your builder’s soil test requires your lot to be complete. Again, we will email purchasers when builders can access the site for soil testing.

Can my builder start building the day after I settle on my land?
Yes! Provided all your ducks are lined up, so to speak, your builder can start as soon as you own the land. Don’t forget, one of those ducks is Developer Approval. So if you haven’t started this process now may be the perfect time to give our Design Guideline Consultant a call on 50550880 to go over your intended facade.

We are here to help, give us a call, otherwise head out and enjoy the beautiful weather over the next few days.