Construction Update – March 2022

Welcome to your March construction update for Kingston.

We are pleased to announce that Kingston Coast Stage 4 has been issued its Statement of Compliance. We have now lodged the Plan of Subdivision to the Titles Office. Under current timeframes, advised by the Land Registry, we expect titles 15 Business days from lodgement. Access to lots for valuations and to conduct soil and surveys is now permitted.

For the Stage 4 Open Space Reserve, we have engaged a landscape contractor.  Works on the reserve will commence April, and have an expected completion in quarter 3, 2022.

Works on our Southern Wetlands, located on Banks Road is scheduled to commence this month. Weather permitting, we anticipate completion of the landscaping within quarter 2, 2022.

Our Active Open Space and Regional Sports Field remains with council at this stage, we are still awaiting advices for our project. Further updates will be provided as we receive feedback.

For Stage 5,  Engineering Plans were lodged for approval, Aug 2021.  We are actively seeking responses from Council, pending approval we expect construction to commence in quarter 2, 2022.

Key Points

Kingston Coast Stage 4

  • Statement of Compliance has been received
  • Valuations and soil testing is now permitted
  • Plan of Subdivision lodged with the Titles Office
  • Titles forecasted within the next 2-4 weeks. Current timeframes advised by Land Registry is 15 business days
  • Open Space reserve works, Landscape contractor engaged, works expected to commence in April, completion anticipated quarter 3  2022

Kingston Coast Stage 5

  • Engineering plans lodged for approval August 2021, responses and approvals still being actively sought from Council
  • Expected commencement of construction 2nd quarter 2022, pending Council approvals.

Kingston Coast – Banks Rd, Southern Wetlands

  • Works scheduled to commence on site in March 2022
  • Landscaping completion anticipated 2nd quarter 2022, weather permitting

Active Open Space

  • Kingston Active Open Space reserve & Regional sports field is still pending advice from Council.